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The Ascent has finally arrived on Xbox Game Pass and promises to deliver a cyberpunk RPG filled with missions to complete and treasures to uncover. It may be daunting looking at it from the outside, but just how long is it going to take you to complete?

Your mileage may vary depending on how much you want to invest in the world, but the developers at Neon Giant have elaborated on how long it may take an average player to finish.

How Long Does The Ascent Take To Complete?

The Ascent Feature 3

As with every other RPG out there, you’re going to get inundated with missions, side quests, and shiny treasures off the beaten path. The Ascent also packs in a few slower moments outside the action to break up the pace.

So, what are we looking at? According to the team, a standard playthrough focusing just on the main campaign will sit somewhere around 15-20 hours. But obviously, this is something that will increase the more you explore.

Speaking to Pure Xbox earlier this year, Neon Giant stated the “world is completely open in nature”, and encourages players to go out and explore.

"You can stick to the main campaign and you’ll see a lot of the world, but there are areas that you’ll only find by doing side missions or just going out exploring looking for treasure."

Adding on from that, the team also spoke to Wccftech about the game's length back in May. While they reiterated the 15-20 hour mark for a standard playthrough, they also highlighted how there is much more to discover in the world.

From what we’ve seen, playing through the Main Missions will land you somewhere around 15-20h. On top of that you have many more Side Missions, treasures to find and a myriad of Codex entries to unlock and read about the world and what’s in it.

Ultimately, you're looking at the bare minimum being around 15 hours. With so many more side quests, treasures to find and codex entries to discover, that playtime has the potential to increase quite heavily as well.

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