343 Industries
Image: Xbox

With every "big" game release nowadays there always seems to be the possibility of a leak.

In the case of Halo Infinite, it appears 343 Industries may have made this error itself. According to Halo veteran Joseph Staten, the developer has "unintentionally" included a small number of campaign files in the technical preview build.

He's now warning everyone to be careful online, in order to avoid the spoilers circulating:

As noted, these types of leaks have the potential to ruin the campaign experience. It seems this is no exaggeration, either.

As spotted by The Verge - there's been a plaintext dump on the web with over 800 strings from the game's campaign. They apparently share details of in-game objectives, basic plot descriptions, plot twists - and even the ending.

In other words, be careful what you read from here on out. Halo Infinite arrives later this year. How are you finding the multiplayer technical preview? Leave a comment down below.

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