Dark Alliance's First Post-Launch Patch Is On The Way, Brings Multiple Improvements

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance arrived on Xbox Game Pass last month, and while we didn't mind the game, there were a fair few issues that held it back. Luckily, the first post-launch patch is on the way to bring some improvements.

The short-but-sweet list of patch notes seems to focus on improving the experience in areas like multiplayer latency and the camera, and there's also the odd bug fix in there. Here's the full list of updates:

Patch Notes – Dark Alliance V 1.1

• Improvements to multiplayer latency.
• Voice chat remains enabled after returning to Kelvin’s Cairn.
• Improvements to camera lock-on.
• Improvements to user interface.
• Improvements to teleporting attacks made by enemies.
• Instances where progression is blocked when a player respawns as a boss dies has been fixed.
• Balance changes and tethering improvements.

The update is said to be "currently rolling out to all platforms and players", so you should see it very soon.

Is there anything in this patch you've been waiting for? Let us know in the comments below.

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