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Battlefield 2042 was finally announced yesterday and the content it includes could be seen as lacking, depending on your preference. It’s been confirmed there will be no campaign and only seven maps available at launch. But what’s really stinging fans is the game’s retail price, which is currently sitting at $70/£70 for the Xbox Series X|S version.

Now, it’s important to note there are some differences between the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S version, which unfortunately negates the ability to use Smart Delivery. Next-gen players have been promised larger maps and a player count of 128 competitors. But obviously, the real kicker is that any Xbox One players will have to shell out another $70/£70 if they ever upgrade to next-gen and want the Xbox Series X|S version, or purchase the Gold Edition ($99.99/£89.99) / Ultimate Edition ($119.99/£109.99) ahead of time for access to both versions.

While it’s understandable a next-gen version with more features is more expensive, what adds salt to the wound is that the PC version - which on paper contains very similar features to the next-gen version - will also be $10/£10 cheaper along with the Xbox One version. It’s a baffling choice, and as expected has sparked some controversy.

Many have believed the game could be entering Xbox Game Pass, although a few notable industry insiders don’t believe this to be the case. EA has promised to unveil a “new way to play” Battlefield 2042 this July, but it remains to be seen what that could be.

The pricing strategy for Battlefield 2042 makes sense in theory, but the implication of it just comes across as confusing - especially with many games supporting Smart Delivery and the PC version being cheaper. If you have EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you are entitled to a 10% discount, but for everyone else there's no way to soften the blow.

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