Xbox Is Releasing A New Firmware Update To Improve Controller Disconnect Issues

One reoccurring issue since the Xbox Series X|S's launch has been the new controllers sporadically disconnecting. While the problem has been significantly reduced, it's still affecting players from time to time - us included. Luckily, another firmware update is rolling out soon to help improve the connection even further.

As revealed as part of the most recent Xbox Insider release notes, members of the programme are getting a host of new updates and fixes. One of the main fixes pertains to wireless disconnect issues with Xbox controllers:

A new version of the controller firmware is being released to improve reliability around wireless disconnect issues.

With this being part of the Xbox Insider Program for now, the rest of us will have to wait, but it's usually not too long following an Insider update that these updates roll out officially. A host of other fixes have also been made, so if you're eager to see what's coming, be sure to check out the full Alpha Skip-Ahead release notes.

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