Xbox Fans Aren't Happy That You Can't Buy The New Pride Controller

Xbox is doing some amazing things for Pride Month, giving away loads of goodies including the full version of Tell Me Why for free, but fans are disappointed that they can't get their hands on the brand-new Pride controller.

Microsoft says it will "share these controllers with key influencers and media in the U.S. and internationally," which has left some fans feeling disgruntled at the decision to limit them this way:

It's nothing new to see Microsoft gifting custom controllers to influencers and media, but it's definitely a shame that the wider Xbox audience can't get their hands on it for themselves (particularly in this case).

In general, it would be nice to see the Xbox Series X and S generation of controllers receiving more elaborate designs that are actually purchasable by the public, rather than just the different colour options available at present.

Let us know your thoughts on the controller and this situation down in the comments below.