Following on from Game Informer's look at a new psychic ability in Psychonauts 2, we've now been treated to a brand new level, which is as delightfully trippy as you may expect.

In this level, Raz enters the mind of Hollis Forsythe, who is second in command of the Psychonauts. It's a mixture of a hospital with a neon soaked atmosphere reminiscent of Las Vegas. Throughout the gameplay, Raz can be seen tackling 2D platforming gauntlets, engaging in a game of pinball, and using his Mental Connection power to zip line across many platforms. It all looks weird, colourful, and wonderful, and we can't wait to try it ourselves.

We're back with another exclusive look at Psychonauts 2! Join us as we show you the inner workings of Hollis Forsythe's mind and explore this neon-clad casino meets hospital in one of developer Double Fine's wildest brain levels yet!

Psychonauts 2 was recently spotted on multiple rating boards, adding some fuel to the fire that a release date is imminent. With E3 around the corner, it seems likely, and the game even briefly appeared on the Xbox Store to pre-load last month. In the meantime, there are plenty of gorgeous images of the game to take a look at, to get you inner Psychonaut bubbling with excitement.

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