Here’s What The Critics Are Saying About Scarlet Nexus
Image: Bandai Namco

Scarlet Nexus is heading to Xbox this Friday to deliver some anime thrills with its fast-paced combat and over-the-top narrative. The embargo has now dropped on reviews, giving us all an indication of what to expect on June 25.

Here's what critics are saying about the game as of now:

Game Informer (8.75/10)

Whatever brainpunk’s take on over-the-top psychic reality is, I’m into it now. Bandai Namco has crafted something truly strange and quite satisfying with Scarlet Nexus, and I hope we get a slightly more refined sequel.

Wcctech (8.5/10)

With masterfully crafted action combat, charming characters, and a very interesting setting, Scarlet Nexus is a game that action RPG fans should definitely not miss. While the game lacks any real innovation, as it features themes and mechanics lifted from other Japanese RPG series, and it is a little too linear, the high quality of the experience makes it easy to look past these few issues, making Scarlet Nexus a memorable, and extremely enjoyable game.

NME (4/5)

Scarlet Nexus takes a more is more approach to its design, which suits the game’s visuals and action very well. It’s loud, sumptuous and thrilling, with layers of complexity and some amazing monsters to fight. It’s just a shame it also has to battle so hard against a less accomplished story that’s desperate to steal top billing.

The Sixth Axis (8/10)

From its compelling story, to its wild enemy designs and combat, I'm kind of in awe of Scarlet Nexus. Where Bandai Namco games often have a niche appeal, I've got no reservations about recommending Scarlet Nexus. I'd definitely suggest skipping a lot of the side stories, but everything else here is the kind of anime-infused greatness that will appeal to nearly everyone.

GamesRadar (3.5/5)

Scarlet Nexus has some great fun to offer through its experimental and varied combat system, and there’s a deluge of skills, attacks, and counters to mish-mash against one another for increasingly satisfying results. What ultimately lets Bandai Namco’s action game down is outside of the action itself, where side characters never amount to memorable, enjoyable companions, and a side quest structure that feels more primed to provide the player with character-boosting XP than tales that capitalize on the intriguing glowing city surrounding them.

VG247 (3/5)

If you like the sound of a deep RPG with extensive combat mechanics, Scarlet Nexus shouldn’t disappoint. If you are expecting something more akin to Devil May Cry, you might find the extensive storytelling gets in the way of the gameplay a little too much. With that said, you can still enjoy it if you’re not an anime connoisseur. There’s plenty of fun to be had for all players because it’s great once it gets going – but I fear it might lose people in its opening few hours.

If you were already in on Scarlet Nexus, it looks as though you're going to have a good time. The enjoyment seems to be based on how much you enjoy the combat and the anime world encapsulated in the game.

There's no Metacritic average yet, but OpenCritic is sitting at 83 as an a average, with 86% of critics recommending the game. Seems like a solid title heading our way later this week!

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