Ubisoft has announced the latest entry in the Rocksmith series called Rocksmith Plus, which takes the form of a subscription service and no longer requires a Real Tone Cable as the older Rocksmith games did.

You can still use a cable if you want, but otherwise you can download the official mobile companion app which uses your phone's on-board microphone to detect your playing - including via your amp when playing electric.

Unlike those older games, Rocksmith Plus takes the form of a subscription service, although no details have been provided in terms of pricing at the time of writing. It includes a bunch of new-features, highlighted by the Rocksmith Workshop which allows players to add arrangements from a list of pre-licensed songs to the library.

There's no release date for this one on Xbox as of yet, but we'll obviously keep you in the loop.

"Learn acoustic, electric, or bass guitar by playing along with your favorite songs. Rocksmith+’s proven learning method features real time feedback, learning tools designed to give you control, and a vast, ever-expanding song library of official recordings so you can achieve your musical goals. Try it for yourself and join the millions of people who have already enriched their lives with music!"

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