Necromunda: Hired Gun’s First Post-Launch Patch Is Out, Physical Versions Seemingly Delayed
Image: Focus Home Interactive

It's no lie - Necromunda: Hired Gun has endured a rough launch. We've been playing the game and it's been plagued with a ton of issues making it borderline unplayable. However, Focus Home Interactive has released a new post-launch patch to hopefully address some of those issues.

Another interesting note is related to the physical release. Originally due to release on June 30, it's now seemingly been delayed until July 23, as numerous retailers such as Amazon have pushed the date back. No reason has been given, but we assume it's to ensure the post-launch issues are fixed before being printed onto disc.

For anyone who has the digital version now and is waiting for some fixes, here's everything included:

Patch Content

You will find below the main fixes that this patch is bringing:


  • Dialogue sound mixing improvements (global VO volume increased)
  • Added missing sound FXs in levels

Bug fixes

  • Fix a possible blocker during the Takedown tutorial
  • Fix of a random bug causing an incorrect offset in aiming alignment
  • Fix of Numpad keys triggering unexpected behaviours in game
  • Invert camera setting doesn't apply on the wheel selection anymore
  • Fix of a bug when opening a menu while Strength Booster is still active
  • Various fixes


  • Rework of the Aim Assist when the player switch to iron sight

While this has addressed many issues, one of the main problems we encountered was related to the frame rate. In an added comment, it is stated that the team is "still working on more time consuming fixes, such as stuttering, FPS issues and various other bugs", but a few users on social media have reported that it seems a lot smoother already.

We're going to check it out and see how it's going. We've been holding off our review to see if the first patch rectifies any problems, so be sure to check out our thoughts when we publish those final impressions in the near future.

Has the patch sorted any problems out for you? Let us know in the comments below.