Here's a fun little Easter Egg for everyone out there who's picked up Mass Effect Legendary Edition. An ex-BioWare developer has shared one hidden secret from Mass Effect 3, which he says "no one ever stumbled upon".

The cool fact was shared by the former BioWare designer Richard Boisvert on Reddit (thanks, Eurogamer), who laid out the precise commands needed to activate it. It all takes place within the Mars mission and can be triggered by following a specific path through some solar panels.

Without spoiling the full contents of what the Easter Egg is (although you can see it in full in the video above), it features a Mars Rover performing some cute little actions. While Boisvert claims this is a secret no one has stumbled upon, it was actually spotted last year when a modder used a free camera to explore the environment. At the time, the Mars Rover was spotted, but it was unknown whether it did anything - until now.

At least players are now aware of how to actually access the Easter Egg, and have confirmation that it was in fact purposefully inserted. If you don't have Mass Effect Legendary Edition, feel free to try it on Mass Effect 3 via backwards compatibility. It'll be interesting to see if any more emerge in the coming weeks!

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