Life is Strange Remastered finally has a release date of September 30 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. A new trailer also showcases its improvements, which, erm, look fairly minimal.

According to the trailer's description, Life is Strange Remastered comes packed with remastered visuals, vastly improved character animation, and updated gameplay puzzles. Outside of a sharper resolution, the trailer looks strikingly similar to the original release back in 2015. It becomes even more apparent when you see the huge leap made for the upcoming Life is Strange: True Colors.

The dislike ratio on its trailer outweighs its likes, and commenters have been quick to point out that very little has changed. "We've reached a point in the industry where we're literally remastering games for the same consoles they came out on," said one YouTube comment, while another added: "This is a robbery! The differences are minimal!"

The Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes ‘Life is Strange Remastered’ and ‘Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered’. Both award-winning games have been remastered with updated visuals across characters & environments.
Featuring the following remastered upgrades:

- Remastered visuals across characters and environments
- Vastly improved character animation using full facial mocap performance *featured in Life is Strange Remastered only*
- Updated and refined gameplay puzzles

In a world where we're growing accustomed to Smart Delivery and free next-gen updates, it's baffling that Square Enix is attempting to repackage this game - on the same console it launched on - with very little in terms of upgrades. Especially when it's rocking in at £32.99/$39.99 via the Microsoft Store.

Life is Strange: True Colors is looking to be a substantial improvement in both graphics and gameplay, so it's a shame to not see the same level of attention added to this much-loved title that started the series off.

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