ID@Xbox Exec Departs From Microsoft After 'Seven Amazing Years'

Agostino Simonetta, who is commonly known for being the director of global partnership management for [email protected], has announced his departure from the company after "seven amazing years."

Simonetta dropped the news on Twitter, confirming his new appointment at Thunderful Group as chief strategy and investment officer. For those that don't know, Thunderful Group is a Swedish games business, who own studios such as Coatsink, along with many others.

He added that he's "really proud" of what he's achieved at [email protected] over the years. Many Xbox employees, including head honcho Phil Spencer, have rushed to social media to congratulate Simonetta on his new role and thank him for his service over the years.

The [email protected] program has developed into something truly amazing over the years, shining the spotlight on many unique, wonderful, and strange games that may have possibly flown under the radar. The added bonus that a large portion of these titles also enter Xbox Game Pass is another staggering achievement. We wish Simonetta all the best in his new role and thank him for helping to deliver a great section to the Xbox family.

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