Get The Tractor Ready, Farming Simulator 19 Appears To Be Heading To Xbox Game Pass

We've got some potentially great news for Farming Sim fans! It looks like Farming Simulator 19 is primed for Xbox Game Pass soon, as Xbox is actually advertising it as "now available" with the service... even though it isn't (yet).

A few Xbox users have pointed this out over the past 24 hours, where it's included in a "Now playing with Xbox Game Pass" message, sitting alongside Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered.

It seems the game was intended to have been added to Xbox Game Pass earlier this week, but some kind of issue stopping that from happening. In any case, it looks like it'll be on its way in the relatively near future.

It makes sense, too, as Farming Simulator 17 was removed from Xbox Game Pass back in December last year, and Farming Simulator 22 was just announced with a November 2021 release date. We'll keep an eye on this one!

Would you be interested in trying out Farming Simulator 19 with Xbox Game Pass? Let us know down below.