Gallery: Here's A Look At Some Of The Armour, Maps, Weapons & Vehicles In Halo Infinite

We've been absolutely spoiled with Halo Infinite content this week, and 343 Industries' recent blog post has given us a gargantuan amount of images to feast our eyes over. From weapons to new maps found within the game's multiplayer, it's sure to get your mouth watering at the prospect of a brand new Halo entry being on the horizon.

So, if you're looking for a new desktop background, want more information on the upcoming entry, or maybe you're just a little bit bored, cast your eyeballs on these and get them etched in your brain ready for Holiday 2021.


Starting from left to right, we have a look at some of the armour options available in Halo Infinite. Starting off is the Aviator, then Zvezda. Moving onto the bottom row we have two variations of the soldier armour, complete with different colours and configurations.


With the guns, we have the powerful Skewer on the left - an anti-tank spike weapon used by the Banished. It packs a mean punch, and has a blade for close quarters combat. Then on the right we have the VK78 Commando - a standard assault rifle for your everyday battles.


For the most part these are enhanced versions of vehicles in previous games. The first four consist of the Banshee, Chopper, Ghost, and the Wasp. But the very last one is the new Razorback - a vehicle similar to the Warthog, with the added ability to hook your equipment on the back of it for easy traversal.


Finally we have a glimpse at five maps from the game, complete with their names. In order it consists of: Behemoth, Fragmentation. Recharge, Live Fire and Bazaar. Not much information is shared on each one, but these images give a taste at the variety of maps that will be available at launch.

Now that Halo Infinite's multiplayer is unveiled and out in the wild, we're sure details will be coming in thick and fast over the coming months. If you haven't checked it out, be sure to watch the deep dive into multiplayer that aired earlier this week. It's fantastic and provides a real insight into how the whole experience will work.

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