Capcom Confirms Resident Evil Re:Verse Launches Next Month
Image: Capcom

Resident Evil Village was originally intended to launch with the free multiplayer component, Resident Evil Re:Verse. Unfortunately, the game was delayed to later this Summer just before its release, and now Capcom has confirmed players can expect to dive in this July - although no confirmed release date has been mentioned.

In a message to fans during Capcom's E3 Showcase, the game's producer Tsuyoshi Kanda thanked the community for their love and support on the game. In the same statement, Kanda also confirmed that the game will be launching next month, but what date that will be remains to be seen.

If you're unaware, the multiplayer title pits both heroes and villains from the Resident Evil series against each other in a variety of modes. Unlike the dark, brooding nature of other entries, Resident Evil Re:Verse boasts a cel-shaded appearance. The game has had a few betas prior to now, but were plagued with server issues - most likely contributing to its delay. At least now it's finally coming, if anyone's still excited for it?

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