Stalker 2 Will Be Hundreds Of Hours Long
Image: GSC Game World

The team at GSC Game World has been fairly vocal about the upcoming Stalker 2 in recent weeks. The Xbox Series X|S exclusive has enjoyed a lot of buzz since its initial reveal, with many fans of the original already on board. It seems those interested are in for a lengthy adventure, as the game is claimed to be "hundreds of hours" long.

In a recent interview with GamingBolt, PR manager Zakhar Bocharov elaborated on what players can expect in terms of length with Stalker 2, and if true, it's a staggering result. Bocharov didn't dance around the question, putting out the claim that it's a "very long game", even if you only decide to follow the main questline.

"It’s a very long game even if you decide to follow only the main quest. Hundreds of hours can be spent if you want to do more exploration and side quests."

If you're excited for the game, then it sounds like you're going to have plenty to sink your teeth into. Bocharov also stated that the game would be "impossible to run" on Xbox One, which again, is a pretty bold claim about the scale of Stalker 2 on Xbox Series X|S.

We still have no definitive release date for Stalker 2, but development is said to be "progressing smoothly". With E3 around the corner and Xbox making an appearance, we wouldn't put it past being shown off at the event, maybe with a gameplay reveal? Not long until we find out.

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