Sorry, Gears Developer The Coalition Isn't Working On A Star Wars Game

We've heard a few things about Gears developer The Coalition over the past week, and the latest announcement is that the studio is officially shifting its resources to next-gen development with Unreal Engine 5.

Following that announcement yesterday, a member of the team took to Reddit to confirm that one of the "multiple projects" the team is working on is not a Star Wars game, saying they have "nothing else to announce at this time":

The reason this has been brought up is because it was lightly suggested by VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb last week, who pointed out that The Coalition was working on something other than Gears and (helping out with) Halo Infinite, and that he'd heard rumours - but wasn't confident at all - that it could potentially be a Star Wars game.

That's now been put to bed, of course, but Grubb did make another appearance on the Xbox News Cast podcast last night, suggesting that The Coalition's next project will be smaller in scale as the team gets used to Unreal Engine 5.

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