It wouldn't be a news day without a juicy rumour to go with it, and there seems to be some news circulating that The Coalition could be handing a new IP, alongside a new Gears instalment.

The latest rumour comes from the speculation expert, Jeff Grubb, who mentioned he'd "heard rumours" that The Coalition is working on a mysterious project in his latest episode of The Game Mess Show. It's already been known that the studio is helping with the development of Halo Infinite, along with a new Gears entry, but Grubb also mentioned that the developer is working on a new IP. One potential rumour he's heard is a Star Wars related game, but this isn't a project Grubb is confident the studio is making.

"Gears studio, The Coalition, is busy. They are working on Halo, they are helping with Halo Infinite. That is one of the big projects that Coalition is contributing to in a major way. Coalition is also of course making the next Gears game, of course they're gonna do that. But the Coalition is also working on a third thing, and it likely is a new IP.

"Now, I've heard rumours that it could be a Star Wars thing from out of the Coalition, but I haven't been able to confirm that and these are rumours that have been kicked around a few different places, so it's hard to track down. Basically, I'm not putting any money on that [...] But, The Coalition is working on a third thing, so we'll see what that turns into. It's probably still quite a ways off, and whether that comes out before the new Gears, I don't know. Maybe it's in the prototype phase, but they are considering something new."

It seems whatever is in the works is a ways off yet. If it is Star Wars related, The Coalition could be a great choice for a title in that franchise. Maybe something akin to Republic Commando? Either way, it will be great to see the team spread their wings more and see what they're capable of outside the Gears series.

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