It seems Starfield rumours and leaks are dropping every other day. Just recently it was reported that the game would be exclusive to Xbox and PC, and now it looks like we may have a rough date on when that release could be.

As part of a recent Kinda Funny Gamecast, Blessing Adeoye Jr and the crew speculated that the game could possibly be releasing in Q1 2022. To add to this, know industry insider Jeff Grubb later tweeted out to Adeoye JR, reportedly confirming he was "right about Starfield['s] release date".

Originally, rumours pinpointed a release window of the holiday season this year, with Grubb himself even suggesting so. It appears plans may have changed - most lively due to the COVID-19 pandemic - which has pushed the title a few months back into Q1 2022.

Both Xbox and Bethesda are slated to make an appearance at E3 next month, with rumours signalling the two companies will be combining their shows to deliver 'one big showcase'. It also seems Xbox has a busy holiday period on the horizon too, with Halo Infinite, and the heavily rumoured Forza Horizon 5 set to make an appearance. If Starfield was to release, it could be prove to be overkill, making a departure to early 2022 a safe bet.

When do you think we'll see Starfield release? Let us know in the comments below.

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