Update: We now have a release date! KeyWe is coming to Xbox consoles on August 31. Developer Stonewheat & Sons' animator Joel Davis shared some of his thoughts about the game in a press release.

“We’ve set our heart on making a warm, lighthearted game that friends and families can laugh at and enjoy together. It’s been a blast creating the colorful Telepost and its unusual staff, and we can’t wait to welcome players to the world of Bungalow Basin on August 31.”

Original Story: In one of the more unusual games we've seen so far this year, KeyWe is a co-op puzzle platformer coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in Summer 2021. It follows two players who must complete a variety of platforming challenges to keep the day-to-day operations of a post office running. Oh, and you play as Kiwi birds.

While there's no confirmed release date as of yet, the trailer definitely provides an interesting look at the game. Alongside it's unique gameplay, players can customise their Kiwis and play either online or offline across a variety of challenges, some of which are influenced by seasonal changes.

It's an indie game that's immediately captured our attention and we're very interested to hear more!

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