The majority of us have some pretty negative memories of the Xbox One reveal and its overreliance on TV-based features, but there were some cool aspects to that integration, and Xbox OneGuide was a notable example.

Sadly though, this month marks the end of an era - as part of the May 2021 Xbox update, the core 'TV Listings' feature of OneGuide has been permanently discontinued, so that feature will no longer be available on Xbox One.

"Live TV listings for OneGuide on Xbox One have been discontinued. You can continue to use OneGuide to view your connected HDMI devices or USB TV tuner."

Fortunately, as noted above, OneGuide isn't going to be entirely inaccessible moving forward - you'll still be able to use connected HDMI devices or the USB TV tuner with it - you just won't get access to those listings anymore.

OneGuide isn't the only TV-based latency feature that has been discontinued on Xbox One over the years, as the famous Snap feature was removed back in 2017 to "free up resources going forward for bigger things."

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