EA Sports Acquires Super Mega Baseball Developer, Metalhead

Until the release of MLB The Show 21 last month, Super Mega Baseball was considered arguably the best baseball series on Xbox for years, and now the game's developer has been acquired by EA Sports.

In a message to fans on Reddit, Metalhead called it a "very exciting day for the studio," and confirmed the team will "continue growing the Super Mega Baseball series and develop other sports experiences."

"Our relationship with EA spawned over something that we hope you can relate to: they like our games. They like what we do and how we do it, which means that our studio will continue as Metalhead, with the same team, in the same city, building games in the same spirit we always have.

Except now, with EA behind us, we’ll have access to additional technologies, a wealth of expertise, and a much broader audience. For us, this is also an incredible opportunity to grow our local Victoria team and tech sector with the support of EA, and let us dig into some ambitious new projects."

Metalhead Studios explained that as part of the acquisition, it wants to " tackle bigger projects and expand the reach of our games," and highlighted that "EA is a big fan of our games and shares our vision for future projects."

As for Super Mega Baseball 3, the team admitted the scope of future updates will be smaller as they transition into the next project, although "there is plenty more baseball on the horizon," with more details to come in the future.

Happy or sad to see Metalhead acquired by EA Sports? Let us know your thoughts below.

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