You'd be forgiven for not knowing what the Xuan-Yuan Sword series is, but it's actually been a pretty big deal in Asia. The first title released back in 1990, and has continued to be a popular force over there for some time. Now, Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is making its way to Xbox One this summer, making a first for western audiences.

Despite being the seventh mainline title, it's said to be the perfect entry point for anyone interested in the series - perfect for western audiences. The RPG features real time combat, which judging by the trailer is pretty swanky. There's also some pretty elaborate and impressive enemy designs throughout, which are influenced by Chinese mythology. Outside of combat, it looks like you'll be doing some puzzle solving, too.

"The latest entry in a long running saga, Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is an accessible entry point, offering a standalone story and dynamic, real-time combat. Set 2000 years ago in China near the end of Western Han rule, Xuan-Yuan Sword VII places players in the role of noble swordsman Taishi Zhao following the trail of a mysterious bamboo slip from the crypt of Marquis of Liu that promised prosperity, but only brought famine and misery in its wake. To protect his family and seek out the truth of this calamity, Taishi Zhao embarks upon a journey through a mythological realm full of otherworldly beings bent on his destruction."

There's no specific release date as of yet, but we're intrigued from this initial trailer. We'd be lying if we said we'd heard of the series before today, but judging by the huge appeal it's had in other territories, it seems to be pretty successful. We're looking forward to checking it out for ourselves later this year.

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