Watch Dogs Legion First Roadmap Content Has Been Delayed

Last month we got a look at the upcoming content for Watch Dogs: Legion with an extensive roadmap from Ubisoft. The first major title update was expected to drop this month, but has since been pushed to May 4.

Title Update 4.0 is set to add a new paid DLC character known as Mina Sidhu, who comes equipped with supernatural abilities, as well as a new mission. Alongside this, a bunch of free content is also included, such as new co-op missions, assignments, and advanced character customisation.

The reason for the delay is to work on bug fixing that has been reported by players. Ubisoft wants the update to "be in the best shape it can be", so certain issues that have come up will need addressing before its pushed out publicly.

There's been no mention on whether this has knocked back the development of future updates, but with the next part being scheduled for late May, no doubt we'll hear soon enough. Alongside these updates, a 60FPS patch is also coming for Xbox Series X and possibly Xbox Series S players, but again, there's no word on when this will be available.

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