No Joke, Watch Dogs: Legion Is Adding A 60FPS Mode For Xbox Series X

If you've ever played Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you'll know that it looks visually fantastic (with ray tracing!), but there's one big downside - it only runs at 30 frames per-second on the consoles.

Since release, Ubisoft has been pestered with requests for a 60 frames per-second performance mode for Watch Dogs: Legion on next-gen systems, and now the development team has confirmed it's officially in the works:

"60fps for next gen consoles is in development and we'll announce the exact release dates with our future [Title Updates]."

We're assuming by "next-gen consoles", Ubisoft means the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S, but given the lower specs of the Xbox Series S, we'll have to wait and see whether the performance mode is possible on that system.

It should be noted that Ubisoft released this information on April Fools' Day 2021 (!), but we'd be very, very surprised if this was just some kind of horrible joke. It would leave a lot of people very disappointed if so!

Have you been hoping for a 60FPS mode for Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox Series X or S? Let us know below.