Update: We finally have a solid release date, as it's now been confirmed that the game will be arriving on July 20 for $39.99. It's going to be a great summer with this beautiful looking JRPG hitting the Xbox family!

The absolutely stunning Cris Tales is set to make its arrival this July for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, with a demo already currently available via the Xbox Store.

The JRPG boasts a beautiful art style, as players swap between multiple periods on a quest to save the world. It's intended to be a love letter to classic JRPGs, and the Cris Tales' demo gives a glimpse into how the game will play, offering a slice of its experimental gameplay to try out.

"Cris Tales is an era-bending JRPG where past, present and future are brought together on one screen. Players can use Crisbell’s amazing ability to slip between time periods to both aid citizens across Crystallis’ kingdoms and perform surprise attacks on enemies. If Crisbell wants to save her magical world from the evil that threatens it, she must make use of her power to shape the past, present and future while gathering allies that will help her in her quest."

Will you be trying out the Cris Tales' demo? Let us know in the comments below.

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