When The Sinking City got a PlayStation 5 version, it seemed unusual that the game missed the opportunity to arrive on Xbox Series X|S. It seems it was just a little delayed, as the game is available on the next-gen system from today.

The Lovecraftian adventure is developer Frogwares' most ambitious title to date, containing all the investigation elements they're known for, but throwing in some more combat heavy situations. With a more open world compared to previous games, the Xbox Series X version takes advantage of 4K visuals, 60FPS, and improved loading times.

Unlike other next-gen upgrades, The Sinking City doesn't support Smart Delivery. The reason being due to an on-going legal battle with developer Frogwares and Nacon over the game's publishing rights. This version is entirely published by Frogwares, which means you'll need to purchase the game at a new adjusted price of $49.99 for the standard edition or $64.99 for the Deluxe Edition.

"Dear players, The Sinking City is out now on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 Some of you have been asking about a platform upgrade for the game from the last-gen versions, however this is sadly not possible at the moment. The Sinking City on previous and current generation of consoles have different IDs and different publishers on record.

On Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, Frogwares is the developer and publisher of the title. So, due to the ongoing legal and technical situation, this game is currently not eligible for a platform upgrade. As the situation is being handled legally, it remains frozen for the time being on our side. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support."

At least the team has offered a gesture of goodwill by lowering the price. Hopefully this finds an audience, as Frogwares have created some truly interesting games over the years, with plenty more to come.

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