Resident Evil Village Demo Coming To Xbox

The Resident Evil Showcase finally revealed the details for Resident Evil Village's upcoming Xbox demo, and it's pretty confusing. Operating as a time limited demo, you'll be able to play an hour of the game between two specific dates.

During the hour, you can explore either the village or castle areas of the game - or split the difference and spend half an hour in both. Depending on your time zone, it will be available to play on these specific dates.

  • North America: May 1, 5pm - May 2, 5pm PDT
  • Europe: May 2, 2am - May 3, 2am CEST
  • Asia: May 2, 8am - May 3, 8am HKT

Once the time limit is up - that's it - no more Resident Evil Village demo for you. PlayStation owners will get an early access window, with the ability to preload the demo ahead of launch, but as of yet, we've heard nothing on whether that's the case for Xbox users.

It's a pretty strange way to have players demo the game, and to be honest, gate keeps a lot of players who may not have the opportunity to play within the time frame. Either way, if you're wanting to get a taste before release, you'll be able to a week before the launch, or you can wait till May 7 when the full game drops.

Are you going to try out the Resident Evil Village demo? Let us know in the comments below.