Phil Spencer Playing Games While Working During Meetings
Image: Aaron Greenberg

We all know Phil Spencer loves his games. When he's not working he can often be found hitting up Destiny 2 with other Xbox fans, or even playing it while sitting in the airport. Well, Mr. Spencer has really dropped himself in it now, as he's admitted (again) he's been playing games through Xbox Cloud Gaming during meetings.

Spencer has been pretty vocal on Twitter today, responding to fans' questions about cloud gaming following the announcement of it rolling out onto iOS and PC. One fan asked if he had any recommendations of games to play, to which he said he's been addicted to Octopath Traveler, to the point where he's been playing it in meetings.

Let's hope he hasn't been caught!

Okay, so he's probably joking, but we can't deny the image of Spencer hiding his phone under the desk like a rebellious teenager at school is pretty amusing. We've all snuck away from work to play games every now and again (editor's note: have you? We'll be having words!), so who knows, maybe he is telling the truth.

Have you ever played games when you should be working? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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