Phil Spencer Admits He Plays His Xbox Series S During Work Meetings

Xbox boss Phil Spencer discussed a whole bunch of topics on the latest Major Nelson podcast, and one of the things he admitted is that he actually spent a lot of time playing his Xbox Series S in work meetings in 2020!

Asked about what type of TV or monitor he's playing on - with Major Nelson's belief that it was probably something massive - Spencer admitted that he actually spends most of his time using his PC monitor.

"The thing I've been playing on a ton, it's literally on this PC - I have a Series S plugged into my computer monitor on the other HDMI, and when I'm working, don't tell Satya [Nadella, Microsoft CEO], but there are many times when I'll just flip over and I'll be sitting on the Microsoft Teams call and I'm playing with my Series S!"

Spencer went on to note that he keeps his Xbox Series X downstairs, but he uses his Xbox Series S a lot, and praised the console's impressive performance, as well as pointing out how proud he was of the team that created it.

"I have the Series X downstairs that I'll go play, but this Series S right here is getting a ton of time, and I'm really, really proud of the way that console came about... it's really performed well."

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