Ever wondered what the minimum amount of kills needed to complete Grand Theft Auto V is? Probably not, but that doesn't make these facts any less interesting, as one player has reportedly discovered the number! We've all pretended to follow the rules in the GTA series, but never to this extent.

In a recent Reddit thread that looks into playing the game as a paragon, the user found that it's possible to complete the game only being forced to kill 726 NPCs. We say only, that's the population of a semi-populated village, but it is allegedly less than Max Payne which sits at 1.216, and Half-Life 2 boasting 751 kills. They've even broke down the details by character, to give an estimate for who is the most blood thirsty in the game's campaign.

  • Michael De Santa: 172 kills
  • Franklin Clinton: 295 kills
  • Trevor Philips: 258 kills
  • All three killing on character together: 1 kill

If you thought the stats were pulled out of thin air, the video above is made from the same user and meticulously breaks down each section, while totalling up each kill made. Civilians were spared, cop chases were avoided, and missions with respawning enemies were tested to find the quickest way to stop them.

It seems like a lot of work went in to finding this fact out, and while it most likely isn't going to change the way we play, it's interesting to note how much carnage you're actually causing throughout the campaign.

Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto as a pacifist? Let us know in the comments below.

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