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Disney's Star Wars series The Mandalorian has the potential to be adapted into an absolutely amazing video game, but what are the chances of it actually happening?

Over the past few days, there's been a pretty wild rumour suggesting another Xbox studio is working with Lucasfilm IP. This is believed to be a separate project to MachineGames' Indiana Jones, and fans don't seem to think it's based on the Monkey Island series by Double Fine's Tim Schafer.

So, what might it be? According to now-deleted tweets and some new ones from "Shpeshal Ed" of XboxEra, there might be a Mandalorian game on the way. This information follows on from a recent GamesBeat broadcast featuring Phil Spencer.

Keep in mind, the journalist / podcaster says they're "not sure who" is actually working on the supposed game, so if it is real, it may not necessarily be a first-party Xbox studio, as theorised by some fans.

"Ok. So you’ll notice...there’s a Mandalorian Funko on Phil’s shelf. Yes. Someone is making a Mandalorian game. Not sure who yet. Sorry."

"By the way. The Funko was in the last Phil’s shelf pic. I personally never noticed it the first time. But once I saw it this time I asked if I could mention the game and got the ok."

"hold on...wait. That's an Arbiter funko?!"

"Ok, so liiiiittle bit of a whoopsie. Yeah, there's going to be a Mando game. But um...that's apparently not a Mando Funko. I might have just said something I wasn't supposed to yet. Hoping I didn't just burn my source. Got some apologising to do."

Once again - this is all just a rumour, for now, so don't get too excited. Although it seems there's no Mandalorian on Phil's shelf, as GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb pointed out earlier this month - "pretty much everything" on there is a sign of things to come.

As for what was actually on Phil's shelf this time around, one new thing that has been spotted is a controller holder based on Vault Boy from the Fallout series. That's not all that surprising admittedly, considering it's now technically a first-party title for Xbox Game Studios.

So, would you like to see a Mandalorian video game? What other Lucasfilm IP would you like to see team Xbox work on after Indiana Jones? Leave a comment down below.

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