Planet Coaster: Console Edition has quietly been building up a lot of post-launch content since its release last year, with everything from spooky themed packs to oriental themed rides being added. The game is now getting a licensed pack added to the game on April 29 in the form of Ghostbusters.

The pack will retail at £12.99, with a Studio Pack also releasing for £7.99, which lets players "choreograph heart-pounding stunt shows, design exciting backlot tours, and create cinematic thrill rides". But the most exciting content here is the Ghostbusters pack, which comes with a story driven scenario, with the voice of Dan Ackroyd and others lending their talents. Iconic scenery from the film such as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will also be included for fans to create the park of their dreams.

"Players can enthral guests with an assortment of new blueprints, a multitude of building materials, and a brand new flat ride and coaster. These are RollerGhoster, a twisting, turning, Slimer-themed kiddie coaster; and The Ghostbusters Experience, an interactive tracked ride where guests bust ghosts and score points as they ride around in the ECTO-1. Players can even take a ride themselves and fire Proton Packs to take down the colorful spirits and specters in first-person."

Players have created some pretty nifty creations in Planet Coaster, one of which even includes a custom built Xbox Series X console in game, using multiple rides to conjure it together. No doubt we'll see some cool Ghostbusters creations in the works over the coming weeks, which we'll happily embrace.

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