Planet Coaster: Console Edition is continuing to bring more and more content to the game with two more packs. This time, players can grab the Vintage & World’s Fair Bundle, or purchase each separately. Both packs are available now!

Retailing at $14.99 for the bundle or $9.99 separately, the packs collectively bring together ten new rides, comprised of four new coasters and six flat rides. Additionally, over 250 new blueprints, and over 900 shops, facilities, buildings, and scenery items will also be available.

The Vintage Pack focuses on classic iconic rides that are said to be from the “golden age of coaster parks”. All the rides and props are focused on giving an old-school theme park feel. Meanwhile, the World’s Fair Pack celebrates the cultural impact of attractions from across ten different countries.

Other expansions have arrived over the past few months, including a Spooky & Adventure bundle, which added new themes to the game. With all the rides available, someone even managed to build an Xbox Series X in-game! Imagination is definitely the limit with the new content for this fantastic Xbox Game Pass title.

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