Phil Spencer Congratulates Sony On The Release Of MLB The Show 21

You may have missed it, but a little game known as MLB The Show 21 hit Xbox this week. But that's not all - it's also a Sony published game which just happens to have hit Xbox Game Pass. To mark its arrival, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has congratulated Sony on the unprecedented launch.

After years of Xbox fans asking for a baseball sim on Xbox, those prayers have finally been heard. Spencer took to Twitter for the game's launch, congratulating Sony San Diego Studio on the launch of the game, adding that it's "really great to have the game out for everyone."

We've been very impressed with the game at launch, praising its quality of gameplay and performance on Xbox Series X. It's still very weird to see the PlayStation logo upon booting up the game, but if this is the start of more titles from PlayStation Studios making their way to Xbox, we're all for it.

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