DOOM: The Dark Ages
Image: Xbox, id Software

One of the major highlights during the Xbox showcase this year was the official reveal of DOOM: The Dark Ages for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Although Bethesda and id Software are now operating under Microsoft's gaming division, it's also been confirmed for PlayStation 5. If you're wondering what's up with that, Phil Spencer has now chimed in, explaining how a previous chat with studio director Marty Stratton ensured it would remain available to "everyone".

Phil Spencer: "DOOM is definitely one of those franchises that has a history of so many platforms... It’s a franchise that I think everyone deserves to play. When I was in a meeting with Marty a couple years ago, I asked Marty what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted to sell it on all platforms. Simple as that."

As Phil says, DOOM has a history across "so many platforms" and at this stage in its life, it's been made available on pretty much every device it can run on. The previous DOOM titles (including the reboot and DOOM Eternal) have also been released across Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo platforms.

For those wanting to know what the incentive is to play the new DOOM game on Xbox, Spencer reiterates how it will be available "day one" on Game Pass, and is playable across devices, including PC. He also briefly mentioned how players could expect to see more Microsoft-owned games on "more platforms" going forward.

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