Outriders Inventory Bug Has Been Patched Xbox

Outriders has endured a pretty nasty inventory bug since launch, which has seen affected players having the entirety of their earned loot being wiped. It's been a huge priority for developer People Can Fly, who has been working around the clock to rectify the issue. A new patch has now released on Xbox platforms which aims to prevent further problems, but those affected will have to wait a bit longer to have their gear restored.

For anyone who hasn't been affected, the team is "confident that the patch will prevent inventory wipes in future", but will be continuing to monitor issues over the weekend in the event they persist. Once they have concluded the problem is resolved, they will then begin restoring players' inventories who were hit with the bug.

More news on the restoration is promised to come at later date, but the developer reiterated it will be part of a separate process in the future. It was also added that some multiplayer connection issues may arise after downloading the patch, and inventory items may be momentarily invisible - so don't panic if this happens!

The game has suffered a few problems since launch. Along with the inventory bug, servers have been a bit wobbly, which is understandable considering its surprise inclusion into Xbox Game Pass, but it also had some nasty crashing issues. Those problems seem to have mellowed out a bit, and players who played the game within the launch period have been gifted an assortment of special items as a way of saying sorry.

We really enjoyed the game here at Pure Xbox, praising its combat and narrative. We even highlighted how great of a looter shooter it is for single player gamers, who have potentially avoided games such as Destiny 2 for their multiplayer heavy components. We're glad these issues are slowly getting rectified, so players can carry on enjoying this great little gem.

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