Ghostrunner Xbox Series X Patch Not Coming For Some Time

Ghostrunner launched last year and even on the Xbox One it was a beautiful cyberpunk game. But with it's fast paced combat, it demanded a next-gen upgrade. This was confirmed to be coming, however the roadmap for the game's 2021 plans signal it's still a ways off.

As reported by Gematsu, an outline of the game's plans for 2021 have been made public, with the Xbox Series X|S patch scheduled for this Fall. Starting in Spring we have some new modes in the form of a timed challenge and photo mode, along with cosmetic content.

Moving into Summer, undisclosed content bundles and cosmetic content are also arriving. Then in Fall, we have something called the "Ultimate" downloadable content, along with the eagerly anticipated free next-gen patch. Plenty to keep us occupied, but a shame the upgrade is so far away.

Image: 505 Games/All In! Games

The future for Ghostrunner is looking bright, as publisher 505 Games recently dropped a hefty sum to acquire the IP. It seems they see a future in it, and with how much we loved it last year, we're pretty glad they do.

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