Numskull Games and Red Phantom Games have today announced Gearshifters, which is a a high-intensity top-down vehicle combat game, combining classic shoot-em-up retro arcade gameplay with rogue-like elements.

It's being developed by Richard Ogden of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and TOCA Championship Racing fame, and is based on a dystopian future reality where you'll need to dodge bullets, perform handbrake turns, and shoot your way to victory across nine fully developed zones and plenty of boss battles.

We're really liking the look of the trailer, so hopefully we'll get a proper release date soon!

An arcade-action shoot-'em-up rogue-lite. Steer, drift, spin, smash and gun through waves of enemy vehicles. Go to war against extreme-machine bosses. Build up and tune your tactical loadout of car mods, defenses and weaponry for each treacherous transport mission. Drive.

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