Roll7 has today announced as part of the latest Nintendo Direct that OlliOlli World will be releasing for multiple platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at some point this winter.

The game is the third entry in the side-scrolling series, and will see you venturing to several lush skating locations such as Sunshine Valley or Los Vulgas, featuring a "wild number of tricks", character customisation, and creative level design in which "there’s usually more than one route through any level."

You can check out the announce trailer above, and we'll let you know when a date is announced.

"Super tight controls combined with a highly-refined gameplay experience have always been pillars of OlliOlli. But now with OlliOlli World, the platformer ensures new players can enjoy the deep combo system and everything the game has to offer, while pros can really prove their skills, and master a vast number of moves with access to millions of unique levels in the game’s sandbox mode. Players can also compete against similarly skilled rivals around the globe in player leagues."

Looking forward to the release of OlliOlli World this winter? Let us know down in the comments below.