If there's one good thing about coming back after Thanos wiped out half the universe, it's the number of games released that would inevitably cause a huge backlog. Honestly, just imagine how many great games you'd need to catch up on if you stopped gaming for five years? The latest Xbox Series X trailer plays on that fact.

In a new advert to advertise The Falcon and The Winter Soldier coming to Disney+, the trailer takes a dive into The Falcon's life after being erased from existence for five years. Obviously one of his first ports of call is to pick up an Xbox Series X|S console and catch up on all the games released into Xbox Game Pass. We can't blame him, to be honest.

It's a fun little trailer, and the throw back to the cashier Aaron from Captain America: The Winter Solider is one many Marvel fans will undoubtedly love. We'd love to see more crossovers like this, please!

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