Fallout FPS Boost 4K Resolution Workaround Xbox Series X

FPS Boost is one of the hottest new features for Xbox fans at the moment, as many players are finding their older titles enhanced in ways they didn't think would ever be possible, all thanks to Microsoft. Unfortunately, it does have a few minor drawbacks, such as decreased resolution in two specific games so far - Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. However, in the case of Fallout, some cunning fans have reportedly found a way to combat this.

As highlighted by one Reddit user, just a few simple instructions are required to enable FPS Boost and retain a 4K resolution on Fallout 76. It was also later noted that the same procedure works for Fallout 4.

Obviously use this at your own risk. Xbox has put no official word out that this works and it's highly possible it could be disabled in the near future. But if you want to give it a go and get it working (again, at your own risk!), it does appear to actually be legitimate. Digital Foundry has also recently commented on a few other Bethesda games, noting how Prey in particular feels like a remaster with FPS Boost. We can't wait to see more added in the future.

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