Digital Foundry has given some initial thoughts on the recent FPS Boost for Dishonored: Definitive Edition and Prey on Xbox Series X even going as far to say as the latter is hitting "remaster territory."

Starting off with Prey, they mentioned about troubles that plagued the last-gen release of the game on consoles, citing issues such as "performance problems, input lag issues and some extended loading times". But with FPS Boost, many of these issues are said to have been resolved, including snappy loading times.

"With FPS Boost enabled, all performance issues are resolved, both next-gen machines delivering a nigh-on perfect 60 frames per second, punctuated only by some checkpoint stutter. But the performance boost is just one part of the equation - there's a similar improvement in input lag, comprehensively addressing one of the last-gen version's biggest issues."

Speaking about Dishonored: Definitive Edition, the change isn't quite as impressive, but still extremely noteworthy. Again, the game aims to hit 60 frames per second, but unlike Prey, doesn't manage to capture it as easily, causing UI elements on screen to stutter. That said, Digital Foundry was still impressed with the results.

"What really caught my eye here was the gigantic improvement to loading times. In my tests, extended waits are reduced to just a couple of seconds - talk about a night and day improvement!

Quite how the Xbox Compatibility Team has pulled this off remains to be seen, but it's easily the biggest boost to loading times I've seen yet - and I wouldn't be surprised if key data is cached into memory to facilitate these massive reductions in loading times. Again, the change is transformative.

It seems the biggest takeaway from Digital Foundry's thoughts is not only the increased frame rates, but how they actively affect the way the game is played. It's said they basically transform some of these titles into next-gen experiences and elevate them above their original versions. Hopefully this is a good sign going forward that more games will be given FPS Boosts which essentially work out as free next-gen updates.

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