If you owned an Xbox 360 during the early days of its lifespan, you'll surely remember the 'Blades' dashboard, often described as possibly the best user interface in Xbox history by veteran fans of the brand.

Unfortunately, the 'Blades' UI disappeared entirely just a short time after the launch of the Xbox 360, and it's been impossible to access it ever since - that is, of course, unless you still have an Xbox 360 that was never updated.

Modern Vintage Gamer is one of those people, and so he's taken to YouTube to rekindle some nostalgia of what the 'Blades' dashboard looked like, giving us a tour of everything from the games to media to console settings' layouts.

It's a great walk down memory lane in perfect HD quality, and in all honesty, we still really miss this version of the Xbox 360 dashboard! It'd be great to see it come back as some kind of optional interface in the future...

You can check out the full video up above, and let us know what you thought of the 'Blades' down below.