Xbox What Are You Playing 6th March

We’ve got that Saturday feeling again! And by the feeling, we mean sitting in our dressing gowns playing video games all weekend. There’s a massive amount to choose from, too. We have an array of sports games available on Xbox Game Pass, some fantastic indies on Free Play Days, and a huge Ubisoft sale!

Without further adieu, here's what we’re jumping into over the weekend.

Fraser Gilbert, News Editor

I'm definitely on a little bit of a sports kick at the moment, so you'll likely find me playing some more Football Manager 2021, NBA 2K21 and Madden NFL 21 over the weekend - all of which are now available on Xbox Game Pass! Football Manager is my favourite of the three, but they're all fantastic.

Outside of those, I'd like to spend a little more time with Mafia: Definitive Edition, which is excellent but I just haven't played enough of it. Red Dead Redemption 2 is another game that I've had sitting on the shelf for ages, but I've only really scratched the surface of what it has to offer. Maybe I'll get into that one this weekend as well?

Finally, I've also been playing a little Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and it looks so good on Xbox Series X. The visuals are incredibly crisp for such an old game, so if you've yet to play this classic (or you just fancy revisiting it), I highly recommend checking it out on Xbox Series X if you've got one.

Have a good weekend, folks!

Daniel Hollis, Staff Writer

As with the past few weekends, I’ll be diving back into Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I’m taking my time with it, but I’m really enjoying its sense of discovery and world building. It’s a slow burn, for sure, but one that has me wanting to dive back in after every play session.

Elsewhere, I’m in the mood to check out some indies and recently download a selection from my back catalogue and Game Pass. Me and my fiancé are really enjoying Phogs, but I’m keen to have a dive into CrossCode. I have a massive Zelda itch and what I’ve played of it so far has satisfied it.

Finally, me and some friends have been REALLY enjoying some online game shows at the moment, most recently Family Feud in the weekly sale. It’s been a great laugh and one that we’re keen to get back into.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

PJ O' Reilly, Freelance Contributor

Hello. This weekend I’ll be jumping properly into Madden NFL 21 and trying to make some sense of its Ultimate Team which, on initial inspection, seems like it’s all a little bit of a muddle of menus and loading screens. I’ll need to spend a bit more time with it, of course, but first impressions have been a little on the ropey side for sure.

Elsewhere I’ll be continuing to shepherd my son through his first ever playthrough of the Halo series with the excellent Halo: Master Chief Collection. He’s having a blast so far, absolutely loving the covenant weapons – especially the good old needler – and there’s even talk of us going toe to toe for some multiplayer action where, rest assured, I will not be taking it easy on him just because he’s six.

Have a nice weekend whatever you’re doing or playing and stay safe out there!

What Xbox games are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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