Breathedge, which left early access on PC last week, is jettisoning off to Xbox One on April 6th.

As announced during IGN’s Fan Fest over the weekend, Breathedge is described as a comedic survival game in space. The game sees you embarking on an galactic adventure, whilst on a mission to take your grandfather’s ashes to a space funeral.

The brief gameplay overview delves into the crafting, exploration and survival mechanics within Breathedge. It also gives a taste of its comedic tone running under its addictive gameplay loop, complete with a chicken companion.

“Breathedge is an ironic outer space survival adventure game. Take on the role of a simple guy called the Man who is just carrying his grandpa's ashes to a galactic funeral and suddenly finds himself in the middle of a universal conspiracy.”

While there are undoubtedly a lot of survival games out there, Breathedge’s humour and narrative seems to give it its own identity. Steam reviews for the game are very positive, so we’re excited to see how the console port fares.

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