Alan Wake 2 In Development According To Industry Insider

Remedy has been building a connected universe with Control, bringing elements back to previous games such as Alan Wake. It was confirmed the next title was going to be part of something called the Remedy Connected Universe, and according to one industry insider, the next game is seemingly going to be Alan Wake 2.

Jeff Grubb, famously known for delivering us delicious rumours such as these (and typically getting them right!), has said during a recent Twitch stream that he has heard "that Remedy is going to make Alan Wake 2 with Epic [Games]", later adding that it should be "follow-up that fans of the series want".

According to Grubb, he's heard there was a bidding war between who would work with Remedy on this, and Epic Games came out on top. He's not sure when we can expect to hear an announcement, but it's (hopefully) coming.

Obviously, take this with a pinch of salt for now, but let's be honest, Grubb has a pretty good track record for stuff like this. Also Control's final expansion worked to tie into Alan Wake, so it seems more than likely that something relating to that series is next in the pipeline. Hopefully we hear something soon enough.

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