The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer
Image: @aarongreenberg

It's always nice when a company representative is a legitimate fan of what they're employed to praise every day of the week, and one of the best examples of this just might be the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

We've heard before how he'll often use meetings as an excuse to play games, and even takes any chance he can get to play some Destiny 2, and in a recent photo taken by Xbox's Aaron Greenberg, the "Xboss" can be seen playing the same game in - or at least nearby - an airport, thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Interestingly, this also appears to be an early look at the upcoming xCloud app for PC:

So, what are these two doing at an airport, you ask? As suggested by Greenberg's photos, it's seemingly the trip home after they went to Bethesda HQ last week to do that roundtable with Pete Hines and Todd Howard. Xbox is located in Redmond, Washington while Bethesda is out in Rockville, Maryland.

This meet-up last week was to give both companies the chance to share a little bit more about the future of Bethesda under Microsoft with fans. Greenberg has also shared a bunch of other images of their trip over on Twitter.

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