Have you ever seen images or footage of the brilliant Sea of Thieves prototype? The game looked like a low budget animation, and we kind of want to play it. Microsoft’s director of product management, Jason Ronald, had a brief trip down memory lane this week over the much loved prototype pics.

As the Xbox community looked back at Sea of Thieves’ origins, which featured the pirates being replaced by slightly creepy bean creatures in a very basic world, Ronald posted a brief comment on his time with the game, saying it was “one of the most fun prototypes” he has ever played.

The prototype can easily be seen in-game via the credits, with many production stills showcasing how Sea of Thieves originated. Fans have grown to love the throwbacks, and it’s great to see that even back in its original form, the game was seemingly an absolute joy to play. We’re a bit jealous, if we’re honest.

Would you willingly play the Sea of Thieves prototype? Let us know in the comments below.

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